BOOK YOUR FREE 30 MIN CONSULTATION To have one of our Your Body by Design™ trainers sit down with you to discuss your health journey, just CLICK HERE
BOOK YOUR FREE 30 MIN CONSULTATION To have one of our Your Body by Design™ trainers sit down with you to discuss your health journey, just CLICK HERE

Antenatal & Postnatal

Either one-to-one or in small group sessions, this training is for expectant and recent mothers including those preparing to fall pregnant or those in the early stages of pregnancy. It can be held in the park, your home or in a personal training studio.

It has been proven that continuing exercise is beneficial to both mother and child, and also helps in the final stages of child birth. The Your Body team also help women who have just given birth to get back into shape and feel better about themselves faster.


TRX is a brilliant and safe way to train, using only your bodyweight to improve your physique. It can be done in a park, at home or anywhere that the system can attach to.

Suspension Training builds all body strength, flexibility and your core at the same time. Developed for young and old this kit is portable and develops strength, power, endurance, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Because of its demands on the core, Suspension Training essentially turns every movement into a total-body one, reducing the chance of injury.

Leaner You

For most people, it’s not about how big you look but how toned you look. If you are getting ready for a wedding or are looking to get in shape for that beach holiday, the Your Body team can help you choose the right way to do it. Through diet and exercise we can help enhance muscle definition, trim down body fat and have you feeling confident because it’s not always about looking good but feeling good.

Weight Gain

When someone wants to gain weight it’s normally to add size for a sport that they are doing. The Your Body team will not only help you put on weight, but it will be the right kind of weight and in the right places. We will look at the way you are currently training and change your programme to enable you to reach your goal.

Putting weight on is easy, most of us can do it without needing any help at all but putting on lean muscle is a different story. We look at your individual needs and understand that everybody is different. If you are a rugby player that wants to put on weight, gain strength but still be agile and have that explosive power, we can help. Without using supplements we can guide you with your diet, fitness routine and help you reach your goal.

Weight Loss

A tailored fitness programme with a focus more on cardio than weights. The Your Body team will not only look at your training needs but will also concentrate on a ‘back to basics’ approach to how you do things.

When most people try losing weight, they automatically go on crash diets which not only don’t work but are very unsafe. We will show you how to simply change your diet and fitness routine so you will see amazing results. It’s mostly common sense by adjusting simple lifestyle habits such as using the stairs instead of the lift, walking from the train station instead of getting a bus, steaming and roasting your vegetables instead of stir frying them, eating more salad instead of fatty foods and staying off the sauces…

Massage Therapy

When we think about fitness very often the recovery of the body is forgotten about.
People tend to ignore warning signs that the body is in need of some form of help and mistake it for ‘no pain, no gain’. Our Your Body by Design™ sports therapist can help you to get the body back in balance by using a variety of techniques and a tailor made treatment plan whether you are an office worker or an athlete.

Core Stability

Core stability is the term used to describe the muscular control that is required to maintain functional stability around the spine and to prevent lower back pain and stabilising the muscles that aren’t working properly.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can a special time, however, as your body changes, it can bring about many aches and pains, especially in the later stages. Our sports therapist specialises in multiple massage disciplines and can help ease these ailments in a safe and comfortable way for all expectant mothers from first trimester through to post-natal.


Hydrotherapy, or Aquatic Physiotherapy, refers to a specific form of therapy treatment in a pool. The buoyancy of the water can help to reduce muscle spasm, increase circulation and reduce pain. It is particularly beneficial for those people who suffer from injuries or musculoskeletal conditions that are easily aggravated by weight-bearing or land based exercises. By reducing the risk of aggravation clients are confidently able to improve their strength, flexibility, postural control and mobility.